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Albert Einstein [3]. He is often described as a polymath , and in mathematics as "The Last Universalist", [7] since he excelled in all fields of the discipline as it existed during his lifetime. As a mathematician and physicist , he made many original fundamental contributions to pure and applied mathematics , mathematical physics , and celestial mechanics. He is also considered to be one of the founders of the field of topology. Thus he obtained perfect invariance of all of Maxwell's equations , an important step in the formulation of the theory of special relativity. He excelled in written composition.
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Institute for Foundational Studies Hermann Minkowski. It was Minkowski who first realized by analyzing the experimental evidence at his time, captured in the relativity principle, including the Michelson-Morley experiment that reality is a four-dimensional world with time as the fourth dimension. Minkowski's arguments for the reality of spacetime have not been addressed so far, let alone refuted. Minkowski did not publish his results earlier since he was developing the full-blown four-dimensional formalism of spacetime physics reported in and published in as a page treatise it is this formalism that we now use. As Max Born recalled see below , Minkowski "did not publish them because he wished first to work out the mathematical structure in all its splendour.
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From Wikipedia: No twin paradox in an absolute frame of reference Einstein's conclusion of an actual difference in registered clock times or aging between reunited parties caused Paul Langevin to embrace an actual, albeit experimentally undetectable, absolute frame of reference: Langevin wrote: "A uniform translation in the aether has no experimental sense. But because of this it should not be concluded, as has sometimes happened prematurely, that the concept of aether must be abandoned, that the aether is non-existent and inaccessible to experiment. Only a uniform velocity relative to it cannot be detected, but any change of velocity.. It is not that they are constrained to do so; they consider this new convention more convenient; that is all.
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