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A realistic simulation of aircraft noise during take-off and landing is impossible with simple methods. Nevertheless, simple methods are needed in preliminary aircraft design, if aircraft parameters should be optimized early on - also to the benefit of designing a low er noise aircraft. A suitable approach is, to estimate Effective Perceived Noise Levels based on established correlations between basic aircraft parameters and the aircraft's noise level. Proposals can be found in the literature here and here.

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Angeboten: Projekte, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten, Prof. Dr. Scholz, HAW Hamburg

A gateway forwards messages between these domains. Automotive Ethernet emerges as a flat, high-speed backbone technology for IVNs that carries the various control flows within Ethernet frames. Recently, Software-Defined Networking SDN has been identified as a useful building block of the vehicular domain, as it allows the differentiation of packets based on all header fields and thus can isolate unrelated control flows. In this work, we systematically explore the different strategies for integrating automotive control flows in switched Ether-networks and analyze their security impact for a software-defined IVN. We discuss how control flow identifiers can be embedded on different layers resulting in a range of solutions from fully exposed embedding to deep encapsulation. We evaluate these strategies in a realistic IVN based on the communication matrix of a production grade vehicle, which we map into a modern Ethernet topology.

Angeboten: Projekte, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Instead, Wing Loading increases with aircraft size. We want to see, if CWL is rather a constant value for passenger aircraft of comparable design. A paper is discussing CLW. It is a good starting point for your project.
The four-year Bachelor's degree courses, which are based on German-Chinese examination regulations, are accredited by the ASIIN certification organisation. The first year is dedicated to acquiring basic German skills and concludes with the Goethe Insitute's Zertifikat B1 exam. One-third of the subject-related courses in the second and third years two modules per semester are taught in German by HAW Hamburg instructors. Alongside the subject-related training, learning German to the Zertifikat B2 level is a significant part of earning the double Bachelor's degree from both universities.
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