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A combination of factors, including manifest destiny and a need for raw materials and naval bases, eventually prompted the U. American imperialism partially contributed to our involvement in WWI by increasing our. Imperialism is when a country makes another country submit to their rules through diplomatic or military means. It changed the world for the better through the spread of better health care, education, and new languages. Europeans brought new languages, medicine, and inventions to the natives, which improved their lives for the better.

American imperialism

Japan's Modern History: An Outline of the Period | Asia for Educators | Columbia University

Japan s aggressive Nationalism in the 20th century was a reaction to its experience of Western Imperialism in the 19th century. In paragraph one, I will describe Japanese society and government before the Western Impact. In paragraph two, I will look at the ending of Japan s isolation, in paragraph three, I will explain the Meiji restoration and the modernizing of Japan and in paragraph four, I will delineate Japanese militarism and imperialism in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Before the Western Impact, Japan s system of government was a feudal one. They developed a centralised bureaucratic government, based not on scholar officials, as in the government of China, but on the leaders of the noble feudal clans. Although Japan s sovereign was a hereditary emperor, the shogun or chief feudal lord exercised real power.

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Their responses and actions to western imperialism would set a foundation for their future destiny in a world that was rapidly changing and moving forward, and leaving the traditional world behind. Both countries shared the fear of foreign influence, China continued to go against foreign influence and ultimately got taken over by western powers after being involved in four wars. On the other hand, Japan was more open to foreign influences and used it to their advantage.
Imperialism is the belief that if someone truly supports their country that they would be willing to spread these ideals to other countries through democracy or in this case, war. The terrible effects of these combined were shown throughout the First World War. The Industrial Revolution also played a huge role in European imperialism.
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