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A case study focused on utilizing social media and challenging purchasing behaviors. Warby Parker is an eyeglass retailer started in by a group of friends who were unhappy with the process of shopping for glasses. Warby Park is so innovative because they focus on online distribution. Instead of relying on showrooms, Warby Parker designs their glasses frames in-house so they can sell directly to consumers. This way the company is able to drastically lower to cost of glasses for the consumer. Obviously, this new way of buying glasses is different and something that consumers would have to learn to embrace and get used to.

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Warby Parker A Social Media Business

In its third year of existence and is ready to double their strength, Warby Parker explain the success of innovative approach in sunglasses industry and corporate culture that supports it. With the mission of combining social and business goals, the company has made a stakeholder-oriented model, which benefit consumers through high-quality, fashionable and affordable glasses: the world community by donating through sustainable channels, one pair of glasses for every pair sold, employees through culture fun and inspiring work, and the environment, becoming carbon neutral. The case covers the decisions that Warby Parker has to do at the beginning of the third year of its existence as a consequence of growth, and in order to avoid losing momentum. Some of the problems faced by Warby Parker was the maintenance of the corporate culture, finding appropriate partners to maintain the quality of the "Buy Pair, give a pair" program, and the development of integrated online and offline marketing strategies that match the brand identity. To enhance their effectiveness, color cases should be printed in color.

Competing with a Goliath (HBR Case Study and Commentary)

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Warby Parker is an American firm that produces sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. The firm was established in in Philadelphia, New York, where its headquarters are located Warby Parker, Kiedel identified three approaches adopted by firms in order to enhance their levels of competitiveness, namely economic approach, differentiation strategy and interaction strategy. Economic strategy involves cutting down costs as much as possible in order to increase profits. The differentiation approach involves selling different products under the same brand or different brands.
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