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The Union Army was a new formation comprising mostly state units, together with units from the regular U. The Border states were essential as a supply base for the Union invasion of the Confederacy, and Lincoln realized he could not win the war without control of them, [2] especially Maryland , which lay north of the national capital of Washington, D. The Northeast and upper Midwest provided the industrial resources for a mechanized war producing large quantities of munitions and supplies, as well as financing for the war. The Northeast and Midwest provided soldiers, food, horses, financial support, and training camps.

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Both pro-slavery settlers and anti-slavery settlers rushed to the area to gain the upper hand of the states, resulting in absolute chaos. Foremost, states rights ' were contested greatly. Consequently, the election of President Abraham Lincoln commenced the war. And tax disputes between the Secessionists and the Unionists reinforced tensions and strengthened divisions, while slave ownership….

When the horrific war started, no one thought that it would be marked as a deadly phenomenon in When writing a Civil War essay, you should know that this is not just a war. A multitude of people lost lives on the battlefield and the nation suffered economic loss.
There are no doubts that acts of war can have a negative impact on the individuals involved. However, there is a large demographic that is hardly accounted for: children, specifically during the Civil War era. Understanding the children that lived in the time of the Civil War is important because it affected their future careers, shaped their attitudes towards race, and affected.
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