A case study of river ganga( water pollution)

Most of the rivers in India are not polluted near their sources. However, many are polluted in the plains because of run-off from agricultural land, discharge of industrial effluents, and domestic sewage. The water of these rivers is not fit for drinking near cities and industrial areas. The following table lists some polluted rivers and the towns or cities near which they are polluted the most. The Yamuna is one of the most important rivers of north India.

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Pollution of the Ganges or Ganga , the largest river in India, poses significant threats to human health and the larger environment. Today, the Ganges is considered to be the sixth-most polluted river in the world. Raghubir Singh, an Indian photographer, has noted that no one in India spoke of the Ganges as polluted until the late s. However, pollution has been an old and continuous process in the river as by the time people were finally speaking of the Ganges as polluted, stretches of over six hundred kilometres were essentially ecologically dead zones. A number of initiatives have been undertaken to clean the river but failed to deliver as desired results. After getting elected, India's Prime minister Narendra Modi affirmed to work in cleaning the river and controlling pollution. Subsequently, the Namami Gange project was announced by the government in the July budget.

This article is written by Abhinav Anand , a student pursuing B. B Hons. The article deals with the Ganga pollution case and the peruses into reasons behind the pollution.
In response to a writ petition against pollution of the river Ganga due to industrial waste, the Supreme Court of India in mandated the tanneries in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to either clean up or shut down. This column finds that the ruling resulted in a significant drop in river pollution, which in turn reduced infant mortality in the city. India's rivers are heavily polluted. Cleaning them up has been the subject of multiple regulatory and legislative initiatives, but it is not clear whether any of these initiatives have been successful Greenstone and Hanna
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