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The acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has affected millions of individuals, causing major health and economic disruptions worldwide. The pandemic is still raging, with a second and third wave in a few countries, while new infections steadily rise in India. Nutrition and immune status are two critical aspects of fighting the virus successfully. Recently, selenium status was reported to positively correlate with the survival of patients with COVID compared with non-survivors. We analyzed the blood serum levels in 30 apparently healthy individuals and in 30 patients with confirmed COVID infection in the southern part of India. The patients showed significantly lower selenium levels of

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This theory has been offered by Dr. According to Dr. Cannan, there is direct relationship between the size of population and the existing resources of a country. He divides the world into three categories. In this case the per capita out put will be maximum and the country is said to have an ideal size of population or optimum population.

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It is also called modern theory of population. In recent years, Prof. Robbins, Dalton and Carr- Saunders have refined and polished the theory and put it in a more presentable form. This theory is an improvement over the Malthusian Theory.
The optimum theory of population was propounded by Edwin Cannan in his book Wealth published in and popularised by Robbins, Dalton and Carr-Saunders. Unlike the Malthusian theory, the optimum theory does not establish relationship between population growth and food supply. Rather, it is concerned with the relation between the size of population and production of wealth. The Malthusian theory is a general theory which studies the population problem of a country in keeping with its economic conditions.
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