Rtc resume settings

Power is the section where your motherboard shows off its green credentials with a range of power-saving and sleep-related settings. Set this to 'S3' to turn off almost every device, meaning that the system will use very little power for example, only 8W on our test PC. If you have problems getting devices to work after your PC wakes up — and driver updates don't help — then you could use 'S1' Suspend Mode or 'S1 Only' instead. This keeps more devices awake and so improves compatibility, but at the cost of much greater electricity consumption — W on our test system.

HVM timeoffsets

Why a PC may turn on by itself: main causes and ways to fix the problem

This option is enabled as built-in on the default ConnectCore 6UL kernel configuration file. On boot-up, Linux sets the system time from the data kept on the RTC. You can enable the RTC device as a wake-up source. See RTC alarm resume for more information. In this case, the test sets the RTC alarm to 20 seconds from the current time and then waits for the alarm interrupt to occur. To use them, add the following definitions to your application:. However, factors such as temperature changes or slight imperfections in the crystal that generates the signal may cause the RTC to be faster or slower than it should be.


Advanced Menu. For details about the Advanced submenus, refer to:. Enables or disables bit capable devices to be decoded on above 4 G address space if the system supports bit PCI decoding. The system can be awakened from an ACPI sleep by a wake-up signal from a modem that supports this signal.
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