Essay on hunger and malnutrition in india

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Yet still, since its independence in majority of Indian population is either at or below the National Poverty Line. More than a third of malnourished children live in India. The number is almost 5 times higher than that of China.

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There has been many different ways of seeing hunger, one of which can be referred to a "A condition, in which people lack the basic food intake to provide them with the energy and nutrients for fully productive lives" Hunger Task Force, Although debates about world hunger are concerned with both of the facets Young, There has been evidences of hunger which can be traced late back to the Mauryan period in fourth century BC. Though Megasthenes probably in order to impress his gullible Greek readers, had said that there was no data of famine in the whole Mauryan era, but Kautaliya; the indian political economist and the advisor to Chandragupta Maurya revealed in his extensive work, how to deal with famines, which traces the confirmation of hunger in that period. Even ancient chronicles reveal instances and stories of sudden depopulation and frantic migration, along with information concerning nutritional debilitation and significant stunting. About million people are estimated to have been undernourished in the period This figure represents

Issues relating to Poverty and hunger. With these directives in mind, firstly understand that- Nutrition is the very foundation of human development, it imparts immunity and consequentially reduces morbidity, mortality and disability. Nutrition promotes lifelong learning capacities and enhances productivity. Malnutrition refers to the lack of proper nutrition which could be either caused by not consuming the right food with the right nutrients or not consuming adequate amount of food with the adequate nutrients. This leads to lack of essential nutrients in the body.
Among these, half of the children under three years old are underweight. One of the major causes for malnutrition in India is economic inequality. Due to the low social status of the population, their diet often lacks in both quality and quantity.
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