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He, also, at times, ask for students ' advice in regards to homework assignments and then write this information on the board. Allowing students to have a say in their homework assignments promotes positive social interaction between not only the teacher but also among the students. Colette also set aside time with each student, if needed, within his homework policy. If a homework assignment is late or was not picked up, he meets individually with the student to discuss the reason. Engaging in honest and open conversations with the student will lead to mutual trust and may also help to better understand the students educational needs. Teachers should give homework to the students in order to make sure they understand what they have learned in the class.

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Above all, homework allows the students to gain responsibility, time-management, perseverance, and self-esteem. Why given them homework? Finally, it would be a good idea to give homework to those who need it. However even simple factors such as giving specific rather than general praise, showing interest in things their child shows interest in and establishing routines that promote health, well being and regular study still do make a difference in the way that children view school and learning and the value they hold to their working relationship with teachers. Parents can help the school and their children develop is supporting homework expectations attending open days and parents evenings. Homework is set by teachers when they feel it necessary to check the understanding of what was taught in the lesson, or to expand their knowledge further. If parents are there to support, help and encourage this to be completed it creates a positive learning environment and teaches organisational and study skills that will stay with the child ren for life.

As a whole, students are extremely aware of homework and its seemingly catastrophic effects on maintaining a social life. Any amount of homework, small or large, will take some amount of time; as kids, not many students want to take the time to do the homework at a minimal level, let alone to use it as a tool to practice and learn. This mindset appears to defeat the purpose of homework on all levels; if students are only doing it in order to get it over with and get a grade, is homework really beneficial or rather a waste of time for both the teacher who has to grade it and the student who is doing it? The challenge is to change the mindset of the students, to alter the perception of homework. I will argue that homework is beneficial to both….
This also important because then teachers can see why some students just do not try anymore. This shows that students do not even care about their grades because the homework is too much. If students already don't do the work or get that education that they should be going to school for they might just drop out, there's no point to being there in the first place. Homework takes an exponential toll on students, which causes some to forfeit their sports in order to finish their assignments on time.
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