Homework vsepr theory and molecular shapes

Last updated April 13, They will draw Lewis structures, use molecular models, and determine the geometry of covalent compounds. There is a lot of repetition so students gain a lot of practice. This activity will help prepare your students to meet the following scientific and engineering practices:. The valence shell electron pair repulsion VSEPR theory is how the geometry of a molecule is determined.
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molecular geometry

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The Lewis electron-pair approach can be used to predict the number and types of bonds between the atoms in a substance, and it indicates which atoms have lone pairs of electrons. This approach gives no information about the actual arrangement of atoms in space, however. Keep in mind, however, that the VSEPR model, like any model, is a limited representation of reality; the model provides no information about bond lengths or the presence of multiple bonds. The VSEPR model can predict the structure of nearly any molecule or polyatomic ion in which the central atom is a nonmetal, as well as the structures of many molecules and polyatomic ions with a central metal atom. The premise of the VSEPR theory is that electron pairs located in bonds and lone pairs repel each other and will therefore adopt the geometry that places electron pairs as far apart from each other as possible. This theory is very simplistic and does not account for the subtleties of orbital interactions that influence molecular shapes; however, the simple VSEPR counting procedure accurately predicts the three-dimensional structures of a large number of compounds, which cannot be predicted using the Lewis electron-pair approach.
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4.11: Molecular Shapes- The VSEPR Theory

The VSPER theory detremines molecular geometries linear, trigonal, trigonal bipyramidal, tetrahedral, and octahedral. Apply the VSEPR model to determine the geometry of a molecule that contains no lone pairs of electrons on the central atom. The valence shell electron pair repulsion VSEPR model focuses on the bonding and nonbonding electron pairs present in the outermost valence shell of an atom that connects with two or more other atoms.
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