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This page of the essay has words. Download the full version above. Effective corporate governance mechanism, professional and ethical board of directors and senior management, proper internal control system and sound legal system and regulatory framework are the conditions leading to a successful capital market. After the global financial crisis, there has been increased awareness of improving corporate governance promoted by the international standard setters. Hong Kong being a major international financial centre adopts the same trend. The paper discusses how increased focus of corporate governance affects the Hong Kong listed banks.

Essay: Corporate governance

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The practice of good corporate governance helps to differentiate one organisation from others. Corporate governance has been heavily researched in the past few years and at its most central point it refers to the governance of corporations. Numerous corporate failures like Enron and WorldCom have added more impetus to this phenomenon. In other words, the conflicts of interests in companies, management irresponsibility and voracity, corporate fraudulence, ethical breakdowns, very poor internal controls and weak risk assessment are some of the potential reasons that have triggered corporate failures. However, despite having the Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius, State Owned Enterprises in Mauritius have strongly been criticised for poor practice of corporate governance.

Corporate Governance in the UK of the 1990s

Currently, there are. Summary: Corporate governance is an essential part of modern company operations and management , it relates to business ethics, code of conduct and system to manage a company. However, there are many corporate scandals due to the failure of corporate governance.
A decade ago, the term 'corporate governance' was barely heard. Today, like climate change and private equity, corporate governance is a staple of everyday business language and capital markets are better for it. Corporations are part of every society and are the livelihood of many communities. They mobilize and combine capital, raw material, labor, management expertise and intellectual property from a variety of sources to produce goods and services that are useful to members of society. Corporations purchase goods and services, generate jobs and income, distribute profits, pay taxes, and contribute to foreign exchange In general terms, corporate governance provides guidelines for all corporate participants as regards their rights, obligations and accountability, as well as processes for identifying and evaluating challenges encountered in the corporate sphere.
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