Steroids should not be allowed in sports essay

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. But then we blame them for taking supplements when the chances of detection are low. We want better performance from our sports heroes, but demonetize the methods used to produce those performances while hiding behind concerns of their health. Concerns for health that are not commensurable with our normal paternalistic attitudes.

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That athlete could improve his or her already superb skills into something even greater. This can be possible with the help of steroids. There is a current debate of allowing steroids to be legal in sports. Steroids should not be allowed in sports. Some people ask why. This research paper will give those people just a few of the many reasons why it should not be allowed. Through examining dangers of steroid abuse, ethics in sports, and characteristics of individuals who take and use steroids, it is.

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They can cause heart attacks and cause the malfunction of vital organs in your body such as the liver. This can then also lead future athletes the wrong way as they see their role models succeed through immoral action and imitate them. The best solution provided was banning the use of PEDs. The implications of this solution is that more testing are done on athletes to see if they are involved in the usage of PEDs.
Athletes and steroids Ever since the start of sports, steroids has been a rising problem found in athletes but is it really a problem? Although steroids are considered cheating to numerous people, they have become the biggest use for athletes looking to boost their endurance and should be made legal. Steroids would not be considered cheating if everyone used them and is on the. This can be possible with the help of steroids. There is a current debate of allowing steroids to be legal in sports.
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