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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Using these enzymes, scientists learned to cut specific genes and to build customized DNA using these genes. They also learned about vectors, strands of DNA such as viruses, which can infect a cell and insert themselves into its DNA. With this knowledge, scientists started to build vectors which integrated genes of their choosing and used the new vectors to insert these genes into the DNA of living organisms. This entire process is known as Genetic Engineering.

Is genetic engineering ethical

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The organism relies upon the information stored in its DNA for the management of every biochemical process. The parts of DNA which have been linked with specific features or functions of an organism are called genes. Molecular biologists have discovered many enzymes which change this structure in living organisms. Some of these enzymes can cut and join strands of DNA. Using these enzymes, scientists learned to cut specific genes and to build customized DNA using these genes. Don't use plagiarized sources.

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Genetic Engineering is a powerful and potentially very dangerous too. To change the sequence of nucleotides of the DNA that code for the structure of a complex living organism, can have extremely ill effects although the potential benefit can be huge. Genetic Engineering is a technology that has been introduced to change the DNA of different species to make them more improved. Before advances in genetic applications, gene therapy was unheard of and genetic defects were always inherited, plaguing generations. Today genetic testing is widely available, such as prenatal karyotyping of the chromosome to check for genetic abnormalities.
A study found serious flaws in many of the publicly funded research centers in the United States that use rodents and primates. The biggest argument people have against genetic modification is that God should have the ultimate power, and genetically engineering human beings to be different than the way God created them is impious. Arnold This side of the argument suggests that it is not up to human beings to advance the human race.
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