No flu shot persuasive essay

George J. The New York State Health Commissioner's new mandate that all health care workers be vaccinated against both the seasonal and the swine flu this fall could qualify as the major public health blunder of the year, because it is likely to backfire. Flu has been rightly characterized as a "slippery disease" that can mutate quickly and unpredictably, which means that planning for flu epidemics must be flexible and should be reviewed regularly as evidence of disease spread and severity accumulates. We are already experiencing the beginning of a second wave of swine flu , the H1N1 influenza.

Here's Why You Really Need A Flu Shot

Get Your Flu Shot. It’s Mandatory This Year | BU Today | Boston University

By Laura McMullen for U. In January, the roughly cases of the flu, including a few flu-related deaths, in Boston prompted Mayor Thomas Menino to declare a public health emergency for the city. At the worst of the outbreak, community health centers and primary care physician's offices were flooded with sick patients. Even at hospitals, people had to wait more than a day to get admitted for severe symptoms. More From U. News: Flu vs. Biddinger treated many of these patients during the outbreak and said they often seemed shocked by how awful they felt and concerned that they spread the virus to loved ones.

The Flu Shot: Why Do I Need to Get It? Essay

The duration of the flu clinic was only eight hours long but our normal clinic hours are a full twelve-hour shift, which is why most of my class was short four hours. This paper will cover: reason for flu immunizations; how this affects public health; what our part was at the clinic; how to get the public to participate in flu clinics; different type of flu vaccines and the pros and cons of each; safety, screening, and precautions. Is it Worth the Shot? I am a living thing and I need you in order to survive. I am invisible.
Some say that this is not a coincidence because immune disorders are often brought on by environmental factors. When many people think of the vaccine controversy, they think of autism. Studies have shown Autism being caused by chemical toxins and have brain, immune, and intestinal repercussions. Children were not developing these symptoms until after vaccines had been given to them. Autism and mercury poisoning have almost identical symptoms, pointing towards Thermisol being a contributing factor to the jumps in Autism.
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