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Sugarcane Juice Business Plan

10 Major Sugarcane Juice Benefits for Health - Ayur Health Tips

Sugarcane juice is the liquid extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is consumed as a beverage in many places, especially where sugarcane is commercially grown, such as Southeast Asia , the Indian Subcontinent , North Africa , and Latin America. Sugarcane juice is obtained by crushing peeled sugar cane in a mill and is one of the main precursors of rum. In the United States where processed sugarcane syrup is used as a sweetener in food and beverage manufacturing, "evaporated cane juice" is considered by the Food and Drug Administration FDA to be a misleading term for "sugar" on product labels because the FDA regards "juice" as a liquid derived from fruits or vegetables; the preferred term is "cane sugar". Raw sugar cane juice can be a health risk to drinkers due to the unhygienic conditions under which it is prepared in some countries with lower health standards. There are some diseases that can be transmitted by raw sugar-cane, such as Leptospirosis. Drinking sugarcane juice in Egypt may pose health risks due to contamination with the mycotoxins , aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1.

The Nutrition of Sugarcane Juice

Have you ever had a glassful of chilled sugarcane juice on a hot summer afternoon? If not, you have missed one of the most pleasurable experience one can ever have. Read on to know about some amazing sugarcane juice benefits , facts and recipes. Sugarcane juice will not only cool your body down during summers but will also provide you with a series of health benefits. The juice is extremely delicious by itself.
Sugarcane juice has a reputation in India for incredible healing benefits. The juice is a precursor to refined sugar, so it's less processed and better for you than the granulated sweet stuff. Considering potential sugarcane benefits can help you decide if you should add the juice to your diet. Sugarcane juice contains about calories per 8 ounces and includes multiple antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that may support good health. Sugarcane is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia, but is cultivated in 90 countries.
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