Homework for future tense

Follow the list for detailed expressions;. Future Continuous Tense indicate an action which will be in progress at some definite time in the future. Question Words who, what, why, etc. Future Continuous Tense is used for interrupted actions in the future. In such sentenses, it is not emphasized how long the action has continued. On the other hand, it is emphasized that the action will continue.

Future Perfect

The Future Perfect Tense in English

Future Perfect is used when we talk about a future action that will be in the past, looking back. Future Perfect projects us in to the distant future. If we look back to another action from the distant future, that action will be in the past. That sounds very complicated, but the examples will make it clear.

Visual Explanations of Each English Tense

Definition: Earlier in this module you learned that verbs are action words. Verbs have multiple forms called tenses that tell us when an action occurs. In this lesson you'll learn about the simple, progressive, and perfect tenses.
I will go to the beach next month. I shall write the letter next week. But, the future tense is not used to express a willingness to do something.
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