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Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I created elasticsearch cluster flowing by the article: Running the Elastic Stack on Docker. After the elasticsearch runs, I need to create snapshot and restore to backup my data. I modified my elastic-docker-tls. I have searched for solutions on google for 2 days but no solution.

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Elastic Security equips analysts to prevent, detect, and respond to threats. The free and open solution delivers SIEM, endpoint security, threat hunting, cloud monitoring, and more. Understand best practices when conducting threat hunts with the Elastic guide to threat hunting. Analyst-driven correlation and behavioral ransomware prevention arrive with Elastic Security 7. One agent, one click. Anti-malware, ransomware prevention, and data collection — built into Elastic Security.

Thanks for dropping by!. I am a Software Developer with almost two years of professional experience. I did my master's thesis in data indexing and retrieval. As a developer, I developed intriguing software features, participated in refactoring, automated testing, API design, and enjoyed creating automation scripts. I have also handled production infrastructure, worked with prominent open-source software and Third-party APIs.
Search and Analytics are key features of modern software applications. Scalability and the capability to handle large volumes of data in near real-time is a must for many applications such as mobile apps, web, and data analytics applications. Today, autocomplete in search fields, search suggestions, location search, and faceted navigation are de facto standards in usability. Elasticsearch is a free, open-source search and analytics engine based on the Apache Lucene library.
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