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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Slavery is an important topic of the book to focus on because it shaped the way people thought. A way that Twain shows the truths of slavery in the book is through irony. A specific scene that he used irony in was when Huck was helping Jim escape from slavery, yet Huck judged Jim for wanting to free the rest of his family which is ironic. The first one is from the point of Robert Ewell, a white man judging and accusing a black man. But still there is no sure evidence that he is innocent. Gilmer, the reader slowly starts to sympathize with Tom Robinson and sees the trial from the same point of view as the narrator Scout Finch In a way the author manipulates the reader with mainly the language and innocence image of Tom.

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He is also wanting to be free from his dad, which is why he faked his death. Jim wants be free from slavery and working for Miss Watson. Jim also wanted to see his family.
Nostos is a theme in Greek Literature where an epic hero returns home from sea after shipwrecks, adventures, and trials. When the hero returns home, the hardest part is retaining their identity. While Huck is not an epic greek hero, he does return American authors tend to write about life in their times.
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