How to write an intervetion letter

This is common, but you should not sit idly by as their addiction gets worse. What you cannot say in words, you may be able to say in a letter. Why You Should Write a Letter to Your Addicted Loved One There are several ways to go about writing a letter to an addict; these letters may have different motivations. One common letter to an addict is an impact letter.

How To Write An Intervention Letter

Sample Intervention Letter | Skywood Recovery

There are a number of reasons why writing out your thoughts and feelings in the form of a letter prior to an intervention may be effective in helping your addicted loved one to really hear what you are trying to share with her. It can help you to organize your thoughts, and stop you from going off track or forgetting something important that you wanted to say. Thank you for giving me the chance to talk to you today. Before you began drinking and using, we were so close. You were my best friend in so many ways, but after years of drinking and drug use, I barely see that happy, fun person anymore. I want to do everything I can to help you get back to a place of health — of just being okay without drugs and alcohol.

How to Write An Impact Letter: A Step Toward Recovery

Read more. When it appears there is no resolution in sight, an intervention may seem like the only possible opportunity to communicate the real nature of a situation. This is rarely easy on the subject of an intervention; many may feel attacked or under immense pressure to act, but seeing the effects negative behavior has on friends and family may be the only measure that makes a difference.
Writing an Intervention letter is an essential component of the intervention process. These letters are a necessary part of the intervention process. Preparation is the key to writing these letters.
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