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The disaster restoration business is very challenging, and it's also very rewarding. When I first opened ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba here in Chicago, my sights were naturally set on startup success. I also knew that I would be in a position to have a positive effect on the lives of my customers. If you like the idea of owning your own company in an industry with great growth potential, I definitely recommend the fire and water damage restoration business.

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Each year, fires damage thousands of homes across the country. The damage from a fire as well as from the water used to extinguish it can be extensive. Water damage can occur from other sources as well, like a burst pipe in your walls or an overflowing toilet. These are not minor inconveniences, they can cause severe property damage. For example, mold-growth can result; mold can threaten the health of those in the household. Homeowners will need a service to restore their home to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

How to Start a Drain-Cleaning Business

In an age when there seems to be more natural disasters than ever before, as well as an increased usage of once-neglected home fireplaces, the fire and water restoration business has never been busier. In many cities, there are tremendous opportunities available for those who wish to enter this lucrative field. One of the first things necessary for starting a restoration business is to obtain warehouse facilities. Many restoration projects involve removal of household furnishings and possessions to a secure location while the premises themselves are refurbished. This means that the startup firm must be ready to roll almost immediately.
All around the country, thousands of people find themselves facing the trauma of putting their lives back together again after suffering from water damage in their homes or businesses. Starting a water damage restoration company can offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs to not only start their own business but also offer a way to help others in the process. Like any business, those starting a water restoration business need the right training, equipment, and resources to help them get off on the right foot. Take a close look at the needs of your current community.
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