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Dancehall now reaches the main stream of Jamaica. The lyrical content has moved from the regular political and social issues to other issues such as crime and everyday life. Jamaican dancehall music has actually been blamed for the rise in Jamaican crime due to its violent Although, it is illegal in Jamaica people still use it, law enforcement no longer bothers to provide consequences to the people with the drugs. So the question here is, Why not just legalize marijuana in Jamaica? The debate to legalize marijuana in Jamaica has been fought over nonstop since the

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Life and Debt details the Jamaican struggle to develop a sufficient, independent economy as they forge the way in their attempt to recover from the globalization that has taken a hold on their markets. Once a largely agricultural based economy, Jamaica now suffers from excessive, cheap imports from various nations, namely the United States. Fields once dedicated to dairies, crops, and fresh produce are now barren land, laden with abandoned houses and unsowed acreage. In order to be able to pay these rising costs, Jamaica turned to the IMF and the World Trade Organization, the only organization willing to loan the money. Once the IMF had Jamaica hooked into its claws, it was able to control every move the country made. Jamaica originally had a long term development plan that would have allowed for increased infrastructure and utilized natural resources.

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These are the words that everyone hopes to one day say to the person that they have fallen in love with. Jamaica uses their brand, the viewers emotion, comedy, and logic to pull in the viewer convincing them that Jamaica will one day be their wedding destination. Jamaica appeals to a specific audience being the people who are currently engaged. This is a great example of how their culture was active and valued the work and art made by their own kind. This is a great success for the African people because it shows their strong culture that cares for one another and their work making it one of the most organized and trustworthy culture….
Due to these things, it made it harder for the Jamaican people to prosper. Arawaks from South America were the first to settle in Jamaica. In , the Spanish brought the first African slaves to Jamaica. When the Spanish invaded, they began to exterminate the Arawaks, but they were also wiped out by years of disease and slavery. The slave trade was conducted out of the city of Port Royal, made famous for being a hideout of the pirate Blackbeard, until the city was destroyed by an earthquake in
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