Compare and contrast essay two places you have lived

Compare and contrast essays are academic papers in which a student analyses two or more subjects with each other. To compare means to explore similarities between subjects, while to contrast means to look at their differences. Both subjects of the comparison are usually in the same category, although they have their differences. For example, it can be two movies, two universities, two cars etc.

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This type of essay shows how things are alike in some ways compare as well as how they are different in other ways contrast. You may be asked to compare To draw similarities between people, objects, or concepts. No matter what you compare, it is helpful to develop an outline A preliminary plan for a piece of a writing, often in the form of a list. It should include a topic, audience, purpose, thesis statement, and main and supporting points. In this lesson, you will learn how to identify subjects The people, places, things, or ideas being discussed or described. There are many different strategies, such as point-by-point, subject-by-subject, or order of events. While it is theoretically possible to compare any two people, places, events, ideas, etc.

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If I bought a lottery ticket today and I won I know that each city has its on way of living and doing things and I want to make sure that where Lunar New Year that is a time everyone from other places came home. Furthermore, I spent more time for my family. I cooked with my
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