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Moths and butterflies are part of a large order or group of insects called the Lepidoptera. This circle of family friends includes more than 20, kinds of butterflies and they circle the earth everywhere except Antarctica. If you want to see the most variety, you would have to travel to various tropical rain forests where they range from the smallest—the pygmy blue, which is smaller than a thumbtack—to the biggest butterfly —the rare Queen Alexandra, with a wingspan of more than 11 inches across. Since butterflies hang out mostly during the daylight hours, they are easy to examine and catch, provided you are good with a net. They are quite delicate however, their wings can rub off like dust , so make sure not the damage the scales of their wings as you handle them.
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Butterfly Facts & Worksheets

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Butterflies play an important role in pollinating the plants, flowers, and vegetables that we need on the earth. The caterpillar of the butterfly will only eat plant leaves from certain kind of plants because they need the vitamins and minerals from these plants to grow into a butterfly. A butterfly will use their long tongue like a straw, called a proboscis, and they will suck up the nectar with their tongue. Butterflies will also drink water and liquids from fruit, especially fruit that is rotting and soft. Other butterflies will get their food from tree sap, dead and rotting animal matter or other organic material that is found in the wild. Butterflies live mostly on liquid because it would be hard for a butterfly to suck up solids with their tongue.
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People love watching colorful butterflies float from flower to flower. But from the tiniest blues to the largest swallowtails, how much do you really know about these insects? Here are 10 butterfly facts you'll find fascinating.
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A butterfly at eye level is 20 cm in front of a plane mirror. You are behind the butterfly, 50 cm from the mirror. What is the distance between your eye and the image of the butterfly in the mirror? Explain your reasoning.
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