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9 Foods that Cause Inflammation and 9 Ways to Fight it « Solluna by Kimberly Snyder

Conflicts are an inevitable part of all group activities. However, in many cases, a suitable approach to conflict resolution process will provide acceptable terms for both sides. The following paper analyzes the Ugli Orange case, identifies and applies to it an appropriate conflict management theory, and offers an optimal resolution. The conflict in the Ugli Orange case revolves around the availability of a specific material, namely a supply of a rare fruit called the Ugli Orange. Since both parties are severely limited in time, the available amount of oranges can be equaled to a non-renewable resource. In addition, the total supply that is currently available is not sufficient to satisfy the demand of both parties, since each side needs three-quarters of the bulk. The most suitable classification of the conflict in question would be the intergroup conflict since it occurs between the representatives of different groups.

August 6, by cramaswamy. The story goes like this — two sisters walk into the room and see an orange on the table. They both want it and argue about how to share it for a while. In the end, they decide that a fair deal is to cut the orange in half see my other post about fair deal. After the orange is cut in half and shared, one of them eats the orange and throws the peel away.
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