The value of electronic health records a literature review

Metrics details. Electronic patient record EPR technology is a key enabler for improvements to healthcare service and management. To ensure these improvements and the means to achieve them are socially and ethically desirable, careful consideration of the ethical implications of EPRs is indicated. The purpose of this scoping review was to map the literature related to the ethics of EPR technology. The literature review was conducted to catalogue the prevalent ethical terms, to describe the associated ethical challenges and opportunities, and to identify the actors involved. By doing so, it aimed to support the future development of ethics guidance in the EPR domain.

Barriers to Electronic Health Record Adoption: a Systematic Literature Review

The Value of Electronic Health & Medical Records - Hunter Business School

Metrics details. Electronic health records are now widely adopted in medical and behavioral health settings. While they have the potential to improve the quality of care, the research findings on their impact on clinical practice and outcomes have been mixed. This study explores how the electronic health record and its stage of development influenced the implementation of person-centered care planning in community mental health clinics.

Electronic health record

Roughly one in four hospitals not adopted even a basic EHR system. A review of the barriers may help in understanding the factors deterring certain healthcare organizations from implementation. We wanted to assemble an updated and comprehensive list of adoption barriers of EHR systems in the United States. Reviewers independently assessed the works highlighted by our search and selected several for review. Each article was thoroughly examined by multiple authors in order to achieve greater validity.
Metrics details. EHR phenotyping offers the ability to rapidly assemble a precisely defined cohort of patients prescreened for eligibility to participate in health-related research. Even so, stakeholders in the process must still contend with the practical and ethical challenges associated with research recruitment. Based on a hypothetical study of a behavioral intervention for type 2 diabetes, we asked about the acceptability and appropriateness of direct investigator versus physician-mediated contact with patients for research recruitment, and whether patients should be asked to opt in or opt out of further contact in response to recruitment letters. For initial contact, nearly all participants said it would be acceptable for researchers to contact patients directly and three-fourths said that it would be acceptable for researchers to contact patients through their physicians.
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