Essay about coping with stress

Stress is inevitable, however not all stress is bad for you. There are many factors that cause stress, but how a student efficiently copes with the stress plays an important role in their college life. When well-rested students are more likely to do their work thoroughly and in a timely manner. Students also need to know how to properly manage their time so that they can effectively get their work done with minimal stress. In high school stress may have been responded to by drinking or eating your feelings, in college, these actions can have serious repercussions.

Essay On Stress And Coping

Ways to Overcome Stress Free Essay Example

Stress is part of our lives. We live with it, deal with it, and above all worry about it. Our way of life, the area in which we live, the economy, and our jobs can cause a great deal of stress. Not everyone deals with the same level of stress and there are several factors that can impact our lives and cause us to have higher or lower stress levels. We can have stress caused by Cataclysmic events which according to Feldman are events that can affect many people at the same time and are. Pediatric Oncology Nursing is nursing that involves the care of children under the age of eighteen that have been diagnosed with cancer.

Exam Stress of Students

As a single mom and a full time mature student in university, it is quite accurate to say that at several times throughout either stage, I have encountered moments of stress. I can also accurately say, from personal experience with an addiction, that there is a correlation between stress and addiction. The relationship between stress and addiction is intertwined in that both factors influence each other. This is evident with regard to the physiological human stress response and the maintenance of addiction as well as in the changing pathways of the brain.
Stress is a word many people can relate to, either through school, traffic, or work. It is an everyday thing everyone has to deal with no matter who he or she might be. Ultimately, if not properly dealt with, stress may in some extreme cases, even lead to death. Stress can be dealt with in various ways. If not dealt with in a positive matter, stress will lead to negative results.
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